We’re Loving – Brown Hues and Extra Texture

As we continue to journey into the colder months (at least for us Canadians), I find myself very drawn to warm hues and a lot of texture.

Seeing Brown

There is something about the colour brown that immediately warms a space. I am not talking about the chocolate brown Barcaloungers and matching leather sets you’d find at big box stores. We are seeing this deep hue everywhere from cabinetry, fully painted rooms, rich furniture pieces, wallpaper and accessories.

For me the colour brown evokes a feeling of nature and a connection to the earth. A grounding feeling that instantly calms me.

Although trends come and go, I believe brown has staying power. It lends itself well to Transitional, Traditional and Warm Minimalism design styles. For those who are nervous to work this colour into their interiors, trust me I don’t think it’s going anywhere. It was a popular colour in 2022, and is one I think we will continue to see a lot more of in 2023.

To achieve a rich and sophisticated look, pair this colour with olive greens, cognac leathers, Blue hues, brass elements and classic neutrals like beige and cream.

Our Favourite Cozy Textures

When fall rolls around, I can’t help but want to be surrounded (literally wrapped in) comfortable, plush and cozy textiles. We’re highlighting some of our favourite materials and textures below:


We love this texture in the form of plush throws and accent chairs.


Does anything make you cozier than a fabric like shearling?


We love the warmth of velvet, especially through the use of drapery and statement furniture.

Can you see yourself adding any of these elements into your space? Have fun and get warm and textural!