Kayla Daniels Interiors reimagines residences into exquisitely-designed environments that serve as a natural backdrop for feeling grounded and aligned with every facet of your life.

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The intention of home is to express rather than impress, artistically echoing the very essence of who you are – your aspirations, tastes, memories, and identities. 

At Kayla Daniels Interiors, great design requires drawing upon these qualities. By adopting an unhurried yet intentional pace, we create an unintimidating space for organic conversations to unearth a true-to-you representation of what lives within. 

Every custom residential design decision resonates with your rhythms and rituals while painting a palette of emotions throughout your personal environment. A kitchen becomes a thoughtfully-curated domain for shared laughter and connection. A bedroom evolves into an effortless hideaway for peace and relaxation.

With the strokes of natural colour, texture, and craftsmanship, each completed Kayla Daniels Interiors home is a sensory journey, weaving how you want to feel into the fabric of settings you seek comfort and take pride in.

Where Every Home Becomes a Living Canvas

Our Everyday Intentions


We’re always finding ways to bring the outside in. Our vision is forged around soothing earth tones, warm materials, the play of natural light, and cues from exterior landscapes that frame your views. Each carefully collected element is a connecting thread to the world around you, sending subtle whispers of nature through every inch of your home project. 


Your life is a tapestry of intricacies and nuances, making it unlike any other. And you have preferences and affinities that set you apart. We take note of it all. Because we love to get to know you. By carefully observing and listening, we create for you & you alone – ensuring the living design honours and reflects you and how you wish to experience your personal spaces.

Rather than being heavily influenced by transient trends, we subscribe to the belief that your lifestyle should dictate the direction while we facilitate where your tastes fall. Building on that firm foundation, we pull in pieces with staying power – from custom millwork to heirlooms, and original art – sure to be adored and adaptable to your life as it unfolds.

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Kayla has always felt an instinctual pull to create. While she inevitably pursued a more traditional professional path in Human Resources, she eventually wound up following that inner voice that begged her to focus on her passion for art. And make a living by doing it.

Over the years, she’s honed her distinctive style and cultivated an eye for design through home renovations, studying colour & spatial theory and visual arts, and painting pieces now on display in peoples’ homes. From those endeavors, she felt encouraged to venture into the interior design realm, formally opening Kayla Daniels Interiors in 2023.

Rolling up her sleeves, Kayla approaches every project with a hands-on traditional touch, coupled with a deep appreciation for individuality and its ongoing evolution. The settings she envisions celebrate the fluidity of creativity and the never-ending quest for one’s true self.

Meet Kayla, the down-to-earth residential designer & fine artist blending her creative abilities to form calming interiors.

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Designing for More than Meets the Eye

A collaborative journey with Kayla Daniels Interiors opens the door to refined, reassuring spaces where a subtle sense of upliftment & fulfillment unfolds – drawing you closer to yourself and shaping the direction of your days.