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We're a residential design studio based in Ontario, serving as the visionary for nice people who appreciate great design across North America. Our purpose is to meticulously envision and fulfill self-expressive settings wrapped in warmth, comfort, and unassuming luxury.

Founded on the theory that our individual spaces serve as extensions of ourselves, Kayla Daniels Interiors echoes the deeply personal story of those who call a place home.

Having refined her artistic capabilities through both the delicate strokes of fine art and the intricacies of interior design, Kayla Daniels blends her well-defined style, approachable nature, & keen eye for colour and composition into every project. 

In her hands, homes transcend mere structures, becoming inviting, liveable canvases that function as the backdrop for every iteration of your life.

Mixing Art Forms to Create Calming Interiors

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Owner & Principal Designer


“Kayla Daniels is a fantastic designer. She is a great listener, and took time to understand the space and experience I wanted to create in my office. She provided several options that were all within budget, the style I was looking for and suggested a colour palette I didn’t even consider and that I ultimately went with. I felt supported by Kayla every step of the way, she took the stress of home design away and I had an amazing time. I would undoubtedly recommend her services!”

Shaun Cawley

from nice people we call clients

Notes of Adoration

“Kayla has an exceptional eye for design and details. She understood our needs as a family with young kids and incorporated creative and beautiful solutions into the design. She was able to guide us in creating a living space that felt both functional and beautiful. Our space feels so much more thoughtful and inviting.”

steph lindell

from nice people we call clients

Notes of Adoration

“Kayla was instrumental in helping me with the layout, design and selection of finishings in my kitchen renovation project. I struggled with the overwhelm of choices and Kayla came in full of ideas along with photos to help me visualize each aspect. She quickly learned my hopes for the space and had suggestions that fit my vision. Kayla was patient with my many questions and hundreds of paint chips. I would highly recommend her design services for projects big and small!”

Alex Scott

from nice people we call clients

Notes of Adoration

Surrounded by a steady flow of artistic expression and swirling with creative ideas, our blog is the place where we collect our thoughts to share with you – for business and pleasure.

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With Kayla Daniels Interiors, you can expect a comforting pursuit towards unearthing the ideal interior setting that complements the natural progression of your life.

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