We’re Loving – The “Un-Done” Bed

Let me first start by saying, I looove a good dressed up bed and my addiction to throw pillows will likely serve as my husband’s grounds for divorce eventually. However, a style that I have loved for a long time, and I feel like is gaining some good traction lately, is the minimal/undone bed making style. 

A simple sheet set, duvet or quilt, two pillows with shams and maybe a coverlet. It’s the perfectly well done “undone look” and I am completely here for it. My mom would be appalled that I would even think about letting my bed linens drape all over the floor, but this European inspired aesthetic is both warm and charming.

There is something about the simplicity and ease of making a bed this way that actually makes it feel really luxurious and not too precious. The draping to the floor fabric, the use of linen textures, and the untucked presentation is a nod to comfort and effortlessness – two things I adore when it comes to design!

Design: Jake Arnold